English For Life

English speaking lessons for juniors
with British teachers
at an affordable price

English For Life

English speaking lessons for juniors
with British teachers
at an affordable price
years of experience in English language industry
different countries
age range of our students
from €8
per 60 minute lesson
At English For Life lessons our students will:
― Speak freely and with confidence
― Get motivated to learn English
― Overcome the language barrier
― Improve pronunciation
― Get a unique experience of communication with peers from other countries

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Our approach
English For Life lessons are based on six principles:
More motivation & more confidence
Our teachers know how to promote active learner participation to the kids. They use relevant topics, interesting discussion questions and provide a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere to inspire students to express their opinions.
Group lessons, where everyone is involved
Our teachers make sure the students get equal opportunity to participate. Just like in language schools. Students work individually, in pairs, and mini groups.
Overcome the language barrier
The impossibility to use their native language during the lesson encourages children to practise English, and the opportunity to make friends with peers from other countries motivates them to communicate.
Best of both worlds
We took the best practices from English language schools and brought them online. The international community, professional techniques and plenty of communication in a comfortable environment are now available to everyone!
Maintain focus
Lessons are designed in an engaging way that keeps student's attention, the teachers use role play, discussions, project work, elements of play, etc.
By making mistakes we're learning
Fear of making a mistake often hinders students progress. We teach our students not to be afraid of mistakes and treat them as part of a learning process.
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your course package:
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10 lessons
60 minutes
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of studying with English For Life:
Professional teachers from the UK
Our EFL teachers are highly qualified educators trained in the UK. They teach English in British schools, colleges and universities.
International group
We are creating an international language camp environment. Our classes consist of 8-10 students from different countries of similar age and level of English.
Supervision by your personal curator
Get regular feedback from your Academic Programme Curator.
British quality at an affordable price
The price per lesson starts from €8.
Choose a package or get a free trial!
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Our teachers
EFL teachers are not just native speakers,
but experienced and professional educators
Jamie S.
40 years old

Qualifications: Bachelor of English Literature, international certificates CELTA, PGCE
Teaching experience: 7 years
Main specialization: preparation for Cambridge exams, GCSE exams
Rachel V.
46 years old

Qualifications: Master of Education in Teaching Academic English
Teaching experience: 20 years
Main specialization: General English, Business English, A-Level and GCSE exams
Anna N.
34 years old

Qualifications: Master of Education in Teaching Academic English, international certificate CELTA
Teaching experience: 10 years
Main specialization: IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Exam Preparation
Frequently asked questions
What if my child can't understand his/her British teacher?
It is absolutely normal if a child doesn't fully understand the teacher, the original pronunciation of native speakers is always unusual for foreign students. Learning to understand live English speech is one of the key steps in overcoming the language barrier.

All our students take an English level test and, based on the test results, we place a student into one of the groups. The teacher builds a lesson for the level of each group and pays attention to each student. Moreover, classes are held in an interactive form and most tasks are accompanied by visual materials.
Why is a group lesson better than an individual one?
When it comes to speaking practice and communication skills development, there is nothing better than talking to a lot of people in your target language, especially if it takes place in an international environment.

A free trial lesson will help you understand whether the group lesson format is appropriate for your child. If necessary, we will offer you a one-on-one tuition option as well as an individual course that includes both personal and group lessons.
My kid is not really good at speaking English, I'm afraid he/she may feel uncomfortable at the lesson.
Shyness and fear of making mistakes are normal. The practice and confidence we instill in this course can help students learn to communicate fluently.

At EFL online lessons, students practice speaking skills in a natural and friendly environment. Since all members of the group have the same level of English, the students understand each other and are not afraid of making mistakes. The teacher encourages students to communicate and helps them find the right words.
What happens in a class?
Lessons are held online via Zoom, each lesson lasts for 60 minutes. Students practice speaking on a specific topic. Each lesson has a clear structure:
1. Teacher welcomes students and, after a short talk, announces the topic of the lesson. Topics are selected based on the age, level, and interests of the students.
2. Teacher introduces new words and lexical chunks on the topic of the lesson in an interactive way.
3. The main goal of the lesson is to provide the group with the opportunity to practice pronunciation and new vocabulary.
4. Students develop communication skills also by practising in pairs or mini-groups. Teacher gives students different tasks such as dialogues, role-plays, debates, discussions, and small project work.
5. Teacher sums up the lesson and reviews the main points of the new material covered.
How many students will there be in a class?
On average there are 7-8 students in a class, with a maximum of 10. Students are from different countries and have the same level of English.
What is the age of students on EFL online course?
Students aged 13 to 18 can join our junior classes. Older students are encouraged to join groups for young adults and adults.

In some cases, we accept younger students of 11-12 years old, if the teacher confirms the student is mature enough and ready to join the group according to the test and trial lesson results.
Does everyone in the group have the same level of English?
Yes. Before the trial lesson, all students complete the test to assess their level of English. Based on the test results we place students into groups. Also, during the first free trial lesson, we check and make sure that the group was selected correctly.
How well is EFL online adapted for the child to study independently without the participation and control of a parent?
The lessons fully involve kids for independent study. EFL teachers or manager will help students with any questions. The only thing that may be required from parents is assistance in installing and configuring Zoom according to EFL instructions.

Our methodologists recommend that parents give the child maximum of autonomy. It helps children to feel free and not get distracted by adults so they can immerse themselves in the lesson as much as possible.
How can I check the progress of my child's studies?
After every five lessons, we provide you with feedback from the teacher with comments about your child's progress.
How many hours of practice do l need to get fluent?
All students learn at their own pace due to individual characteristics and completely different previous experience of learning English. According to our experience, in order to start speaking confidently, students need a minimum of 20 hours of learning, provided that they study regularly.
What happens upon completion of the course?
Upon completion of the course students receive feedback from the teacher with recommendations on further study of English, as well as a British standard certificate.
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